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News Details:
Headline : Russian Federation : Russian Railways looks to attract further cargo traffic to Ulan Bator Railway
Summary : Russian Railways President Oleg Belozerov has announced that it is looking to draw further cargo traffic to the Ulan Bator Railway.

Belozerov said this during a meeting with Minister of Roads and Transport Development of Mongolia Dangaa Ganbat in Moscow.

Russian Railways said Belozerov and Dangaa Ganbat talked about the operations and prospects of the Ulan Bator Railway, including the project to develop a Russia-Mongolia-China economic corridor and the development of Mongolia's potential to increase transit cargo shipments.

Russian Railways manages a 50% stake in Ulan Bator Railway Joint-Stock Company, a Russian-Mongolian venture.

They also agreed on the need for proactive trilateral collaboration involving China in order to develop the Russia-Mongolia-China corridor.

Uprading the Ulan Bator Railway is expected to boost its capacity so that it can meet local demand in Mongolia for the shipment of local goods, and promote transit shipments between China, Russia and Europe.

At the end of the meeting, Oleg Belozerov and Dangaa Ganbat inked the minutes of the Ulan Bator Railway Joint-Stock Company stockholders' meeting to approve the 2015 results and the distribution of dividends to Russia and Mongolia as the company's stockholders.