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News Details:
Headline : China : Air China Cargo becomes first mainland China airline to ban shark fin cargo
Summary : Air China Cargo has imposed ban on the transport of shark fin, becoming the first mainland China airline to do so. According to the airline, main objective behind this move is to support a drive to meet its sustainable development goals and in line with demand from stakeholders for more ethical sourcing practices.

This move marks the countrys gradual transformation from being the biggest source of the problem as the largest market for illegal wildlife products to becoming a major part of the solution. Scientists estimate that fins from up to 73 million sharks a year are used for sharks fin soup, with much of the trade in shark fin destined for China, said Alex Hofford, a wildlife activist from the conservation group WildAid in Hong Kong, which applauded Air China to take an ethical stance for supporting protection of sharks and oceans. Its a bold move, and this is likely to have a huge and lasting impact on shark populations and marine ecosystems worldwide.

Elisa Allen, director of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), said, Congratulations to Air China for, again, making the skies more animal-friendly. Five years ago, the airline ended the transport of primates to laboratories, and now, its refusing to ship products of the shark-finning industry a wretched, universally condemned trade in which sharks fins are hacked off and the sharks are tossed back into the ocean alive, left to spin helplessly to the bottom of the sea to die.

They feel pain and experience fear as all animals do, and the few airlines still propping up the bloody finning industry or the laboratory primate trade should immediately follow Air Chinas lead, she added.