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News Details:
Headline : Egypt,United Kingdom : ALE transported & set up refinery equipment & steam generators for the power projects in EGYPT
Summary : ALE, the UK-based project cargo business, has successfully accomplished the transportation and installation of heavy refinery equipment and steam generators for the Egyptian power plant projects of Beni Suef and New Capital.

With this development, the phase one of the transportation work for the massive gas combined-cycle power plant pair has been accomplished.

Each of the two power plants is capable of producing energy of 4.8 gigawatts. These facilities together with the 4.8 gigawatts plant at Burullus form part of the energy megaproject of Egypt, which will feed 16.8 gigawatts of output to the national power grid.

The new energy generating stations are among the worlds biggest combined cycle projects that are due for the next year completion.

ALE has utilized its new Lift N Lock 1802 system to set up the steam generators, each weighing 394 tonnes, in the project site.

An ALE spokesman revealed, ALE has successfully completed the first stage of the transportation work to the gas combined-cycle power plants and has started the next phase involving the installation of eight steam generators: four in New Capital and four in Beni Suef.

ALE now manages operations of over 30 regional offices across the globe. The UK-based firm is a leading provider of heavy-lift engineering services to the oil and gas, civil, nuclear, offshore, renewables, petrochemical, ports, marine, minerals and metals and mining sectors.