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News Details:
Headline : United States : ROAR Logistics Selects SmartBorder / Aurionpro Solution to Grow Logistics Operations
Summary : SmartBorder, an import compliance software suite, today announced that its end-to-end logistics and compliance solution in partnership with AurionPro has been selected by ROAR Logistics, a leading global transportation service provider. The SmartBorder / Aurionpro implementation will enable ROAR Logistics to upgrade its existing technology to a complete end-to-end logistics solution with the state-of-the-art features and customer service needed to support their growth.

ROAR Logistics chose SmartBorder / Aurionpros solution, a new cloud-based, fully-integrated supply chain platform, delivering in-depth US Customs compliance management, freight management, and transportation capabilities to help their international operations streamline and improve efficiency for their logistics and compliance operations. The SmartBorder / Aurionpro deployment will facilitate real-time information exchange with complete visibility for operations and customers. It will enable the organization to greatly increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the current international operation while providing valuable tools to its clients.

Ron Barone, Director of Technology at SmartBorder, said, Our relationship with ROAR will help us improve our processes to develop a seamless solution between SmartBorder and Aurionpro. With their support in this project all will benefit from the efficiencies gained. After careful consideration we chose the SmartBorder / Aurionpro solution as it delivers a robust toolset to support all of our international logistics and compliance needs, Sean Daly, Manager, International Services at ROAR Logistics, said.

We expect this move to greatly bolster our ability to support international freight movement no matter the origin, destination or mode of transport. We are even more excited about the increased value our customers will experience weve deviated from being concerned on how to tweak the basic features that all platforms offer today and focused on finding a strong partner who could offer new possibilities for automation and increased efficiencies. Accomplishing this while maintaining transparency for our client is a challenge, but one were looking forward to tackling with SmartBorder/Aurion at our side.