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News Details:
Headline : United States : ModusLink Unveils Data Warehouse Platform Enabling Brands to Maximize Digital Commerce Opportunities
Summary : ModusLink Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of ModusLink Global Solutions Inc., a leading global provider of digital and physical supply chain solutions, today unveiled its data warehouse platform, which provides a single, integrated solution for managing all elements of a brands online business. The platform seamlessly connects both front- and back-end systems to provide consistent, global insight into all elements of the sales journey, empowering e-commerce brands with data-driven decision making. This unveiling marks the first in a series of upcoming service enhancements that will help brands with their global market expansion strategies. ModusLink is fully committed to delivering an end-to-end digital and physical supply chain that helps clients increase revenue by fully leveraging their e-commerce potential.

According to research from, there are now more than 5,300 marketing technology solutions on the market and the average enterprise uses 91 marketing cloud services, spanning marketing automation, e-commerce, content management, customer service, data and more. Effectively managing all of these systems and ensuring they integrate with each other and other business apps such as ERPs, payment gateways, and order management systems is a major challenge for brands. That challenge is compounded when brands are also faced with maintaining excellent customer experiences and taking full advantage of the more than $2.5 trillion retail e-commerce market worldwide.

The ModusLink data warehouse platform transforms a complex web of technologies, processes, data, and trends, and turns it into opportunities, said Michel da Silva, General Manager of eBusiness at ModusLink. We provide a single source of truth for understanding and enabling a brands digital commerce capability so that they can better understand and serve customers, expand quickly into new markets around the world and, ultimately, drive revenue that will grow the business.

The companys data warehouse platform is built on a custom architecture that integrates ModusLinks existing digital and physical supply chain solutions with those of trusted partners.

The launch of the data warehouse platform is the first in a series of upcoming service enhancements and expansions planned for ModusLinks eBusiness group as the company develops a comprehensive digital supply chain offering to complement its expertise in the physical supply chain. Organizations seeking rapid global market expansion and increased revenues can leverage ModusLinks integrated, end-to-end e-commerce capabilities to drive a multi-faceted digital commerce strategy, allowing clients to take full advantage of the revenue streams created by e-commerce, the digital marketplace, and internet-connected devices.

ModusLink makes it easier, more cost-efficient and faster to create, expand and manage digital commerce processes by leveraging its decades of supply chain experience and best-of-breed technology to create repeatable processes, deploy best practices and minimize complexity. Its suite of functionalities brings together:
Entitlement Management, E-commerce, Financial Management and Payment Services, Email Marketing, Data Insight Analysis, Reverse Logistics, Contact Center
Order Management System, CRM.