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News Details:
Headline : United States : AMAZON seeks Freight-Management Tech
Summary : Amazon is on the search for a manner to level up its freight logistics operations with improved technology.

As a follow-up initiative to inking new lease pacts with cargo plane carriers and registering to run an ocean cargo business, Amazon is now seeking to license or outright buy technology that might support it map the major efficient delivering routes.

That initiative goes hand-in-hand with an attempt to hire armadas of trucks, ships and planes to move sellers goods.

A typical day in the business life of Amazon.

Amazon has offered no official comment on the reports as of yet.

Amazon, geared with a freight-forwarding platform, might theoretically utilize that leverage to push accelerating volume toward its in-house cargo-handling unit.

The proposition might be lucrative for sellers if the expenses are low enough, that can turn might translate into savings for consumers.

Were going to give you the Amazon experience, said Satish Jindel, president of SJ Consulting Group Inc., a logistics-research company.

Youre outsourcing production anyway, why not outsource your entire supply chain.