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News Details:
Headline : Canada : CANADIAN Military plans to augment logistics base in ARCTIC
Summary : The Canadian military is seeking to broaden its logistics base in the Arctic as it places the phase for a larger vicinity in the barren and isolated province.

Canadian officers said the enhanced logistics structure is needed if the military is to fulfill the Canadian governments goals in the far north.

The Liberal Party government, elected in October, has signaled it is equally devoted to increasing up operations in the Arctic as the former Conservative government administration.

But to do so will need larger logistics support, a daunting task as Canadas sparsely populated northern region includes of over 1.5 million square miles and is greater in size than India.

As scheduled part of the enhanced logistics structure, the Canadian Forces seeks to broaden its Arctic Training Center, started in 2013, in Resolute Bay, Nunavut.

The unit, that can hold and bolster 120 soldiers, has been utilized only in the winter months.

But now the military wants to deliver more space for device and to permit for operations year-round. The unit is outfitted with over-snow vehicles and trucks.

We need to build (on) what weve got right now in terms of capacity, said Canadian Army Lt.-Col. Luc St-Denis, who co-ordinates training at the center and who manage its former development. January to April is a small season. There is potential for more than that, especially in the springtime and summertime.