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News Details:
Headline : India : Growth in Logistic Sector to simplify operations for e-Commerce Division
Summary : Head-office in Mumbai, Global Ocean Group provides door to door delivery solutions such as Sea Freight, Air Freight, Custom Clearance, Warehousing and Pickup & Transportation over all modes of transport; both global and local.

India's logistics industry has seen a huge rise and has improved as a growth driver year by year. It is hoped to augment in size and become an essential part of the Indian economic development.

Albeit it is still at a very nascent phase, it needs to be more organised and fragmented better to maintain the emerging competition. Particular units like the logistics and warehousing have gained attention from a broad line of global investors.

With e-Commerce sector increasing in India, the rise in logistics need has turned the tables around now. The sudden rise of this sector has brought a dynamic twist to the altering environment. With e-Commerce increasing at a fast pace, it looks like we are about to see a major leap when it comes to logistics.

e-Commerce, in comparison to traditional retailing is much quicker, and keeps on changing, hence the demand in logistics sector accelerates. Hence, there is a huge requirement of the logistics changing as per the changing times because this is how we see business expanding.

Likewise, with the start of GST, the warehousing and logistics sector is happily involving itself into more business due to which we see a sudden boom in these 2 sectors. Internet is a marketplace now, customers ask for goods at a click. They want their items to be shipped at a light speed.