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News Details:
Headline : India : PROTOTYPE electric freight locomotive produced at Diesel Locomotive Works
Summary : At the Diesel Locomotive Works in Varanasi, a prototype twin-unit electric freight locomotive is being formed through reconstructing two diesel locomotives.

The 12-axle WAGC3 locomotive is to be produced from two permanently-coupled units individually rated at 5 000 hp, as compared to 2 600 hp for each of the original WDG3A diesel-electric freight locomotives.

The project was being commenced with a crack team of engineers from the Research Design & Standards Organisation, Chittaranjan Locomotive Works and Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd.

The frames, bogies and traction motors of the diesel locomotive have been maintained and joint with the sidewalls and roof from a withdrawn WAM4 electric locomotive.

The electrical systems are grounded on a WAG7 electric locomotive, though the original Alco diesel engine has been rejected.

The first sections conversion was done on a short timescale. On December 22, the work has been started and the reconstructed unit was ready for testing February 28.

The second sections production is now ongoing.

Further diesel locomotives could be reconstructed into electric locomotives rather than oundergoing mid-life overhauls, if the conversion proves successful. This would assist Indian Railways to widen its electric fleet to keep pace with the expected rapid roll-out of electrification infrastructure.

Minister of Railways Piyush Goyal emphasized the utilization of indigenous technology under the Make in India initiative, and the project would give impetus to the plans of government to raise the using of electric traction.