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News Details:
Headline : United States : AmeraMex International Demonstrates Mastication Equipment to the US Forestry Service, PG&E and CalFire
Summary : AmeraMex International, Inc., a provider of heavy equipment for logistics companies, infrastructure construction, forestry conservation and tactical military vehicles, demonstrated two lines of mastication equipment to management from Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E), CalFire and the US Forest Service.

During the three and a half days of training and demonstrations, upper management and decision makers from PG&E, CalFire, the US Forest Service, and associated contractors came through in groups of twenty for equipment demonstrations followed by a question and answer period. There were approximately 200 people attending the demonstrations.

According to a December 6, 2017 LA Times article, CalFire has a $1.8 billion overall budget for fires of all sizes and types. As of December 6, 2017, CalFire had incurred expenses totaling $490.3 million, well more than the $426.9 million budgeted for fiscal 2017-18 to put out large wildfires. This did not include the cost for giant blazes raging across Southern California at the time of the article.

AmeraMex CEO Lee Hamre commented, We were pleased with the attendance and overall interest shown during these demonstrations. CalFire is just one entity needing to ramp-up preventative measures against forest fires in California. PG&E and the US Forest Service are also investigating new fire-suppression methods and equipment requirements. We have already received several Requests for Quotations from individual firms that are contracted by organizations, such as CalFire, to provide Menzi Muck and ASV equipment for fire suppression.

The California June 5, 2018 mid-term election saw the approval of Proposition 68 for $4 billion. These monies will be used for state and local parks, environmental protection projects, water infrastructure projects and flood protection projects. This equates to approximately $2 billion for land conservation and mastication projects.

The Menzi Muck Excavator is manufactured by Swiss-based Menzi Muck AG. This highly specialized machine is built to do little harm to the surrounding terrain and can get in and out of difficult job sites without the damage normally caused by a track excavator.

The ASV Track Loader was created and is manufactured by Grand Rapids, MN-based ASV Holdings. The compact construction equipment was designed with an emphasis on compact tract loaders using unique and patented rubber track undercarriage technology. This technology provides exceptional traction on soft, wet, slippery, rough or hilly terrain.