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News Details:
Headline : Costa Rica,Netherlands : Costa Rica and the Kingdom of the Netherlands sign Agreements on Customs and Air Services
Summary : The Vice President and Chancellor, Epsy Campbell and the Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Peter Derrek Hof, signed on Monday two Agreements, one on Mutual Administrative Assistance in Customs and the other on Air Services.

Chancellor Campbell highlighted that both documents "are important legal instruments, not only because of the subject they are dealing with, but because they are a tangible demonstration of a solid and active bilateral relationship with a country that we consider our friend and our partner, as It is the Kingdom of the Netherlands. "

Ambassador Derrek said that "bilateral relations between our countries have always been very close.

The Kingdom of the Netherlands remains the most important European destination for Costa Rican export products.

The new container terminal of the Dutch company APMT, built by the Dutch companies BAM and Van Oord is one of the largest investments in the history of Costa Rica.

This terminal is going to be very successful. "

The first signed text is on Mutual Administrative Assistance for the correct application of customs legislation and bilateral measures regarding cross-border illicit traffic, with the aim of preventing, investigating and combating customs offenses, as well as guaranteeing the security of the trade logistics chain international.

The Agreement allows the customs administrations of both countries to assist each other, through exchange of knowledge, comparative evaluations and best practices in matters such as: personnel training;
customs procedures;
risk management;
use of technical equipment for managerial and administrative control and organization.

This document was negotiated by the Customs Directorate, accompanied by the Treaty Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

On the other hand, the text on Air Services is based on the interest of guaranteeing the highest level of protection and safety in international air services, for which it clearly establishes the rights and obligations of each contracting party.

Thus, the airlines designated by each of the parties will have the right to fly over its territory;

to make stops for non-commercial purposes and to make stopovers to approach and relieve international traffic of passengers, baggage, cargo and mail.

In the text, both countries undertake to grant fair and equal opportunities to all designated airlines, in order to guarantee fair and free competition in the provision of international air services.

In addition, it includes cooperation articles and mutual assistance between the parties, to resolve situations of possible misuse of aircraft, such as the unlawful seizure of civil aircraft or other illicit acts against the safety of aircraft, passengers, crew, airports and air navigation facilities.

Chancellor Campbell thanked the Ambassadors of the Netherlands in San Jos, and the Costa Rican Ambassador in The Hague, for having been instrumental in signing both documents.
The Kingdom of the Netherlands is Costa Rica's main trading partner in Europe and one of its main direct investors.

Both countries enjoy excellent political relations and are partners in many of the issues on the international agenda, taking into account issues such as climate change, security, human rights and democracy.