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News Details:
Headline : Canada,United States : Dicom Transportation Group join hands with NEW PENN for cross-border LTL and parcel service
Summary : Quebecs Dicom Transportation Group has joined hands with U.S.-based New Penn to include cross-border ground parcel services between the northeastern U.S. and Canada.

According to Dicom's website, 95% of its intra-country shipments deliver next-day, and it expects 95% of cross-border shipments to deliver on the second day.

Dicom CEO Scott Dobak said, This partnership will offer both Dicom and New Penn customers a seamless cross-border service with most lanes operating as a 24-hour service.

Earlier, Dicom announced the expansion of its parcel services into the U.S., integrating the acquisition of its U.S. parcel network into its Canadian parcel network.

Through this New Penn partnership, Dicom will be in a position to offer its customers LTL as well as parcel services in a large footprint spanning all of Canada and the northeastern U.S.