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News Details:
Headline : Portugal : New tolling scheme to 'keep and create more jobs in the countryside'
Summary : The Minister of Planning and Infrastructures, Pedro Marques, stated that the new toll system, which includes reducing the price for freight transport on old motorways without cost to the user (known as scut) and an additional discount of 25% for businesses in low-density areas, aims to 'maintain and create more jobs in the countryside'.

In Mangualde, in the presentation of the new system, Pedro Marques stated that the changes came into effect at the beginning of the year and could achieve a price reduction of 80%: "This is a great discount for freight transport, low density in the interior '.

This measure is part of the Program for the Appreciation of the Interior, which "has as its concrete objective to fix employment in low density" and points out that citizens can "benefit indirectly by fixing more jobs and creating more opportunities".

The price reduction scheme will be applied "to any company as long as it passes on motorways in the interior of the country", and thereafter "an additional 25% discount that only applies to companies located in low density territories".

Discounts for vehicles of all classes
The Extended Discount Scheme applies to goods vehicles of Classes 1 (vehicles with a height of less than 1,1 meters) to Class 4 (vehicles with four or more axles or more, with a height of more than 1,1 meters) to companies with headquarters and activities in low density territories.

Undertakings in these territories may already apply for this additional 25% discount to the Institute for Mobility and Transport and 'during the first three months of implementation of the measure they may apply and benefit retroactively from the support'.

The Minister pointed out that the undertakings concerned must 'attest that they have at least 50% of their employees residing in low-density areas which have a tax and regularized tax situation' and that they submit the usual company identification documents.

'This discount for companies in low density areas will not only apply to Class 2, 3 or 4 vehicles. It will also be a discount which will also apply to Class 1 vehicles as long as they are vehicles of goods', he added.