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News Details:
Headline : France : Bollore Logistics Will Present Its Aerospace Solutions at the Mro Middle East 2019
Summary : Bollore Logistics will be exhibiting at the upcoming MRO Middle East Summit, the Gulf region's leading conference and trade show dedicated to commercial aircraft maintenance, happening in Dubai (United Arab Emirates), on February 11th & 12th 2019.

Having the second largest fleet and an expected MRO demand growth of + $6 billion by 2027, Middle East is one of the world's major hubs for MRO.

Over the next decade, the Middle East is expected to generate $100.6 billion in MRO requirements, which represents 10% of the world's total demand. With a presence in five continents, Middle Eastern airlines have spearheaded air traffic growth in this region twice as fast as the rest of the world. [1]

Bollor Logistics UAE have been providing International Freight Forwarding solutions & expertise to the world's leading aircraft manufacturers as well as for many of the major Middle East Airline Operators & MRO's on a 24/7 basis 365 days a year for the past decade.

Bollor Logistics UAE are able to provide customised Supply Chain Solutions to meet the very demanding requirements of the Aerospace industry with their Global Control Towers teams enabling us to enhance the TAT (Turn Around Times) to ensure the delivery of aerospace products are not the cause of delay to the departure of any scheduled flight.

Bollor Logistics is committed to being a flexible, value-added logistics provider for the aerospace and defense industry. We recognize the unique needs and challenges of the industry and integrate logistics, transportation management, and information monitoring in accordance with Aerospace & Defense requirements to provide competitive logistics solutions.

The aeronautics supply chain includes as well the transport planning, the management of flows and its execution according to the production plan, maintenance scheduling or emergencies. In a context of the globalization of demand and of logistics outsourcing, Bollor Logistics will present its latest services and solutions dedicated to the MROs industry's actors.

Bollor Logistics is backed by a network of 16 platforms around the world, strategically located close to Aeronautic hubs. Fully compliant with aerospace industry standards, our facilities provide storage and handling of large volumes as well as value-added operations such as quality control, assembly, packaging, etc. The supply of spare parts and units from global origins, synchronization of line-side or port of call deliveries, delivery and management of flows linked to aircraft maintenance... Bollor Logistics teams design secure, cost effective and scalable solutions.

With more than 30 years of experience in the field, Bollor Logistics is recognized as a global expert amongst all aerospace industry players.