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News Details:
Headline : Finland,Singapore : Finnair Cargo Joins Air Cargo Spot Booking Platform
Summary : Finnair Cargo is announcing that it has joined forces with online air cargo booking platform to offer spot bookings for customers from May 2019 onwards. The big announcement comes as IATAs World Cargo Symposium kicks off in Singapore.

The revolutionary new platform enables freight forwarders to book spot market capacities at live prices and with immediate booking confirmation. The move by Finnair Cargo is a strong signal of its intention to support ground-breaking new digital initiatives that benefit air cargo customers.

The new platform allows Finnair Cargo to respond to the growing demand from air freight customers for easier real-time bookings, while improving operational efficiency and maximising utilisation of capacity globally.

According to Fredrik Wildtgrube, Finnair Cargos head of global sales: Making Finnair Cargos offers available digitally through is a forward-thinking move and will benefit both our customers and Finnair Cargo now and in the long-term.

The air freight aggregator tool provides live spot rates, immediate confirmation and unified tracking and it enables freight forwarders to search, compare and book capacities across multiple airlines.

According to Wildtgrube who leads Finnair Cargos sales operations from Shanghai its the future of air cargo:

Digital connectivity is the missing link to guarantee end-to-end speed, quality and continuous improvement in the industry. We are happy to now offer our customers a fully digital first-class booking experience with

Finnair Cargos customers, such as Hellmann Worldwide Logistics, have welcomed news of the partnership because it provides a new channel to easily book Finnair Cargo.

According to Jan Kleine-Lasthues, Global Head of Airfreight, Finnair Cargo is underscoring its image as a customer-oriented and forward-thinking cargo carrier.

He adds: We compliment the decision to join the multi-carrier platform in an effort to decrease complexity for customers, rather than to focus on a proprietary channel.

For Cargo One, the Berlin startup behind the air freight platform this represents a major milestone.

Moritz Claussen, managing director, explains: While some players in the industry still lament about digitalization, Finnair Cargo joins leading cargo carriers in the pursuit to actively drive the industry's digital development, to the benefit of their customers and to further strengthening their position in the market.

With the partnership, becomes even more attractive for forwarders by providing more destinations in North America and Asia and a platform no airline should want to be absent from.