News Details :
News Details:
Headline : Ramco Systems receives Logistics ERP software contract from SK Logistics
Summary : Ramco Systems is in receipt of a Logistics ERP software contract from SK Logistics, part of Australian logistics and transport provider, GTI Logistics Limited.

Ramco Logistics Software will be automating the manual processes in regards with GMK's key supply chain operations by offering modules for better management of warehousing and transportation, freight and fleet, purchase and inventory, integrated with finance and HR all under a unified structure. For Ramco, this win marks its entry into Western Australia.

GMK Logistics for over a period of 5 decades has been delivering specialised services with outsourced warehousing, transportation, and third-party logistics in Australia. GMK has operations in every Australian state and has facilities in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, and Newcastle.

GMK Logistics said, "We were on the lookout for a technology that understands our needs and complements our requirements. Ramco scored ahead of all others, be it by reference from their existing clientele in the region, by the comprehensiveness of the product offered, and by offering cloud, mobility and in-built analytics. We are confident, that with the right technology partner like Ramco, we will improve our efficiency and accelerate our growth."

Virender Aggarwal, CEO, Ramco Systems said, "Australia & New Zealand is a mature market where organisations look for transformational technology to fuel their growth. We are glad our focus on innovation and delivering business results has struck the right chord with enterprises in the region. From our entry and first win in 2012 which garnered us the coveted ISG Paragon Awards for lnnovation, we have come a long way. The win at GMK Logistics further strengthens our logistics footprint and will pave the way for more growth in the segment."