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News Details:
Headline : China,France,Netherlands,United Kingdom : ABBEY LOGISTICS GROUP buys ISO containers from CHINA to expand its intermodal presence
Summary : Abbey Logistics Group, the award-winning European hauler, has announced that it has procured 10 new ISO tank containers in order to strengthen its footprint in the intermodal space from a China-based company.

With the acquisition of new containers from a Chinese manufacturer, Abbeys existing fleet of bulk intermodal silos engaged in the transportation foodstuffs to the UK from France has further expanded.

The leading logistics services provider will use the newly delivered 25,000-litre T11 food grade ISO tank containers for the transportation of glucose syrup and products of such type.

The ISO tank containers have a 4.4mm stainless steel shell, a two-sided collapsible hand rail and full decked non-slip walkway for better safety provisions. Plus, they have a fully enclosed and lockable outlet and man-lids for food safety.

These containers are capable to steam heat the product, with a 100mm-thick insulation with aluminium foil to maintain product heat in transportation.

Though these containers have gone through six-bar pressure tests, they will operate at two-bar only, and have a design temperature of -40C to +130C.

The Abbey Logistics Group MD Steve Granite commented, Continental Europe has long been a marketplace we planned to grow into and despite Brexit, we are still confident that with our existing and new clients, we can increase our share of the Europe-UK market.

He further stated, The latest delivery of ISO tank containers will enable us to operate more efficiently versus driver accompanied road tank solutions, allowing us to grow our market share. We strongly expect to be increasing our intermodal container fleet over the coming years as we become more competitive in this market and win new business.

MCC Tank, a member of Metallurgical Corporation of China, has delivered these new containers to Abbey via its Dutch dealer Danteco.