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News Details:
Headline : United States : Abaqus - Logistics firm FLS Transportation selects myGeoTracking
Summary : A company that provides the innovative myGeoTracking Software-as-a-Service location and messaging platform for Supply Chain Logistics and mobile workforce management, Abaqus, Inc., has announced that FLS Transportation Services an industry leading global third-party logistics firm has selected myGeoTracking to wholly automate its 3rd party driver & load management operations to help it cost-effeciently meet USPS GPS location reporting requirements for mail route contracts, and grow its business.

Branch Director at FLS Transportation, Shannon Kerr, said, "We're really pleased to be working with myGeoTracking to support our growing USPS freight contract practice. As a third party logistics provider, FLS Transportation works with a handful of strategic carrier partners to meet our customers' needs. This became a challenge as we expanded our USPS practice and were required to meet strict USPS Logistics reporting requirements for an increasing number of very complex HCR routes with multi-stops and multi-day runs. How would we get GPS and Logistics Intelligence data on a truck where we had no visibility into its in-cab GPS equipment and where 'no set route to set truck' assignment was in place "

The firm started a determined search seeking a one-stop solution that could help meet the USPS location tracking mandate for their US Postal Highway contract routes (HCR) and as well as deliver real-time logistics intelligence & alerts to help streamline operations & accelerate response times.

Kerr added, "After evaluating several options we chose to implement myGeoTrackings USPS compliance reporting system. Now it doesnt matter what equipment is in use by which carrier, myGeoTracking bypasses that and taps the drivers own smartphone with a clever, powerful app and platform to track the USPS load on a very dynamic basis across a changing pool of drivers and vehicles from a number of carrier partners. Not only can we always get the USPS compliance reporting we need, are also providing our USPS contract officers with total visibility real time location with map views, geo-fenced arrival and departure alerts and records, and other important status information."