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News Details:
Headline : Ukraine : Port of Reni cargo volume drops
Summary : Citing Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority (USPA), the Center for Transport Strategies (CTS), has announced that total freight throughput at the terminals of Odessa region, Ukraine based Port of Reni in January-July 2016 dropped 30.4% to 413,000 tonnes.

Handling of dry bulk cargo fell by 28,3% to 353,000 tonnes, including almost 81,000 tonnes of chemical and mineral fertilizers (a drop of 17.3%), 127,000 tonnes of grain (+ 4.9%) and 146,000 tonnes of other cargo.

A 40.7-percent slump was recorded in the liquid bulk segment to 59,000 tonnes which includes 33,000 tonnes of oil products (- 60.5%), 16,000 tonnes of chemical cargoes and 9,000 tonnes of other liquid bulk cargo.

The port handled 490 tonnes of break bulk cargo, including 280 tonnes of chemicals / fertilizers and 210 tonnes of other goods, in January-July 2016.