News Details :
News Details:
Headline : United States : Terminal Logistics designs port to handle annual throughput of 9,500,000 metric tons
Summary : Member of Utah's Community Impact Board and Carbon County Commissioner Jae Potter has has announced that investing $53 million in mineral lease monies into the Oakland Deep Water Port was a sound investment and exactly the type of long-term project that CIB funds were created for.

However, he also warned that, "It has to be a very solid deal. It has to be economically viable before the loan could go through."

The terminal would help export several Utah commodities including potash, hay, limestone, salt and coal.

The project is being developed by Terminal Logistics Solutions, which is designing the port to manage an annual throughput of 9,500,000 metric tons of bulk agriculture and mineral commodities and receive up to three unit trains of 114 rail cars daily. Operations were expected to start in 2018. However, recent developments have put the project on hold.