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News Details:
Headline : France : Bollore Logistics to Participate in the Breakbulk Middle East Exhibition 2019
Summary : Bollore Transport & Logistics will participate in the next Breakbulk Middle East exhibition taking place on 11 and 12 February 2019 in Dubai. The presence of Bollor Logistics and Bollore Ports will be a considerable opportunity for the company to develop commercial and operational synergies, within the Middle East region. It also stems from a desire to extend the Groups efforts after participating for more than a decade to the Breakbulk Conferences in Europe.

Commenting Bollore Logistics' participation to the event, Philippe Lortal, CEO of Bollor Logistics Middle East South Asia, said: "Being part of the Breakbulk Middle East is definitely a great chance for our regional entities to get closer to its clients in order to provide them the most dedicated Industrial Projects solutions."

Backed by a Global network of Industrial Projects experts based in 106 countries, Bollor Logistics Dubai is located at the crossroad of the three continents: Europe, Africa and Asia. This strategic situation allows the organization to be a true growth facilitator for Industrial Projects players.

Bollor Logistics' local market know-how and our extended coverage of the Middle East Region with presence in ten countries, including most of the GCCs (Gulf Cooperation Council grouping six Arab and Muslim monarchies of the Persian Gulf), have also contributed to make us a key partner for our clients.

Bollor Ports will also be present, primarily through its Afritramp brand. With extensive experience in the shipping sector, Bollor Ports operates 21 container terminals worldwide alongside a network of 100 shipping agencies in Africa, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region, managing over 8,700 calls/year.

Over the years, Bollor Ports has developed unique expertise. Today, it delivers made-to-measure services of the highest quality for all its customers: shipping lines, ship owners, tramp operators, industrial groups or traders.

"Bollor Ports has an exceptionally strong international network. We are present all over the world and particularly in Africa, implementing our expertise and demonstrating our agility and commitment in order to satisfy customers and achieve operational excellence," said Sbastien Beuque, Shipping Director, Bollor Ports.