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News Details:
Headline : France : CMA CGM unveils its vision for a digital customer journey and launches CMA CGM eSolutions
Summary : Digitization is deeply transforming the world economy and inventing new market rules. It is becoming essential for businesses and individuals to develop new ways of doing business and interacting with one another. A lever for growth, differentiation and performance, digitization eases and simplifies the relationship with customers to provide them a flawless and more efficient customer experience.

The CMA CGM Group, a world leader in shipping and logistics, launches CMA CGM eSolutions, an entirely digital eco-system comprising an online agency and other e-commerce channels such as Electronic Data Interchanges (EDI) and Application Programming Interfaces (API) which allow the digital transmission of relevant information and data between CMA CGM and its customers.

A new range of features already available for CMA CGMs customers
A large majority of the CMA CGM Groups bookings are made via its eCommerce solutions, among which half are made through the Groups web platform. With CMA CGM eSolutions, customers will have the possibility to experience a 100% digital journey when they choose CMA CGM to transport their goods.

For several years, CMA CGM has developed and launched a whole set of digital solutions such as schedule research, quotation request, booking, shipping instructions, documentation, shipping dashboard, tracking. Today, the CMA CGM Group is strengthening its digital customer experience by offering its clients a new sales channel to ease their journey and allow them to strengthen their productivity and develop their business.

New features are currently available at regional or global level and will be gradually rolled out on the different platforms of the Group's brands:
ePricing: customers real time access to his/her rates and instant spot quotation
eBooking: booking recast (5 steps to 1 step) for a simplified, more intuitive and autocomplete booking
eBill of Lading: fully digital Bill of Lading
eTracking: visualization of customers cargo position at sea on a map with updated time of arrival
ePayment: freight invoice online payment
eCharges: live cost estimation including a D&D simulator

More features will be launched in the coming months to further improve customer experience with CMA CGM and its subsidiaries:
An offering of value-added services such as insurance products
New features on mobile application
Enhancements and constant updating of existing features
Priority boarding now offered as part of the CMA CGM eSolutions eco-system
As part of its eSolutions, CMA CGM will now offer priority boarding to its customers using its digital platform, allowing them to secure space on board. First offered by CMA CGM from India to Europe, priority boarding will be gradually offered to other countries and carriers within the CMA CGM Group.

With a secured space on board for their container, customers will be able to plan more efficiently their supply chain thus enhancing their business and efficiency towards their own customers.

Digitization at the center of the Groups strategy to anticipate our customers' needs Rodolphe Saad, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the CMA CGM Group, has defined digitization as a key strategic priority for the Groups development.

Today, the Groups digital strategy relies on:
The Groups internal expertise to develop innovations
Partnerships with other leading Groups and start-ups on key fields: Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things
CMA CGM Ventures, a corporate venture structure dedicated to investing in innovative technologies. It has already invested in 15 start-ups worldwide (Nyshex, Traxens or Edray)
ZEBOX, an international start-up incubator and accelerator initiated by the CMA CGM Group and located in Marseilles, which will house 30 start-ups by the end of 2019

With CMA CGM eSolutions, the Groups clients now have access to all their shipping needs with a single click, making their experience with CMA CGM simpler and more transparent to enhance their business and peace of mind throughout their journey with the CMA CGM Group.